BARKLEY BASEBALL SCHOOL’S purpose is to teach the proper fundamentals of all aspects of baseball by using specific drills to increase and improve the abilities of each “camper”, and to promote a love for the game of baseball through professional instruction. Our camps consist of prayers at the beginning and ending of each day. We also have Christian Bible stories and discussions prior to lunch every day. We feel the Bible is the best “how to” Book ever written for sports and everyday life. Our theme for camp is “God is looking for a few good men!”


1. Campers are expected to obey instructors at all times. Anyone disrupting camp will be dismissed.
2. Put your name on all personal items and keep up with them.
3. Make all medical concerns known to Matt or Jeff Barkley prior to camp.
4. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
5. Expect to run a lot during camp.
6. Plenty of drinking water will be available.
7. If a camper must leave early, please bring it to the attention of Matt or Jeff Barkley to help us keep track of all campers.
8. Make sure all campers wear plenty of sun screen.